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About Me


A late bloomer - I graduated from college in my 30's, got braces on my teeth in m​y 50's, and wrote my first book in my 60's. I'm living proof, it's never too late to follow your dreams. I write with compassion, insight, honesty and humor. My insatiable interest in irony makes my writing entertaining and enlightening.

Little known fact: I'm addicted to SHASHIBO

Shape Shifting Box! It's a cube with strategically placed magnets that allow you to create amazing shapes. When I first started playing with mine and manipulating it in my hands, I would excitedly yell


And it always did! The pics below are shapes made with two Shashibos. Mind Blown!!!








Creating Art

I'm passionate about art.

There's always something new to learn. I love watercolor, mixed media, drawing, paper cutting, and alcohol inks. I also love submitting my art in our local Public Eye Soar event where it is projected onto buildings downtown. 










Writing is my first love, after my people of course. Over the years, my confidence and experience grew. I encourage anyone interested in writing to take online courses. It's a good way to get connected with other writers. Nothing like an adoring public to support you and your talent!









Originally from Ohio, I now call the Panhandle of Florida home. My son, his wife, and my grands (Sophia & Sam) live here. 

Looks like Bob, the love of my life for 40+ years, and I are here to stay. 

I dedicated my first book to Sophia

"Mimi writes, yes she does, and you my grand-darling must do what makes your heart sing." 


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