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I'm the author of Happiness Junkie, Married to a Vegan and my newest book, 

Home Coming - a collection of poems and essays about politics, the pandemic, and personal hurricanes. Like all my writing, full of truth, humor, and wicked irony. It can tug on your heart AND make you laugh at the same time. Savvy, sassy, honesty that inspires.


Twelve Steps to Find Inner Peace

and Change Your Life.

Want more happiness? This book is for you.



Want to laugh while getting healthy?

 HER STORY - humorous tale takes their marriage from magic to mayhem 

HIS STORY - science,  a plant-based diet, his amazing results 

THEIR STORY - finding  their way together in a whole new world

Plus recipes you won't even know are vegan!

A poetic romp into politics, the 

pandemic,  and personal hurricanes.  

Who doesn’t  love a good romp?

"Home Coming is filled with poignant, heartbreaking moments, right alongside 

sharp-witted, funny moments; just like life..." 

 - Lynda Allen

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