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Something very exciting happened!!!

The NY Times chose a story I wrote to run online in Tiny Love Stories on July 25, 2023. It also appeared in the print version of the NY Times on Sunday, July 30, 2023 next to the Modern Love column in the Sunday Styles section.


I'm super excited for you to read it! It's a tiny (100 word) love story about my parents.

Check it out: "God's Wife."

I grew up loving writing and art. In my thirties, I graduated from

Ohio State University and in my sixties published my first book

Happiness Junkie followed by Married to a Vegan.  My newest book Home Coming is a poetic romp into the pandemic, politics, and personal hurricanes. Who doesn’t love a good poetic romp?

People describe my writing as honest, insightful, and humorous.

It can tug on your heart and make you laugh at the same time. 


My current project, The Storyteller – Family Lore Lives On,

captures the stories once kept by my mother, now gone.

A series of essays reveal the humanity and humor of a family's

sometimes storied past, likely not that different from your own.


I believe as long as our stories continue being told, we live on.


Twelve Steps to Find Inner Peace and Change Your Life.. Want more happiness? This book is for you. TRUE, TENDER, TRANSFORMING


HER STORY - Their marriage went from magic to mayhem.

HIS STORY - Science,  a plant-based diet, amazing results.  

THEIR STORY - Finding  a way together in a new world.

Healthy and funny! 

Plus recipes you won't even know are vegan!

Home Coming cover.webp

A poetic romp iinto politics, the pandemic, and personal hurricanes.  

"Home Coming is filled with poignant, heartbreaking moments, right alongside sharp-witted, funny moments , just like life."

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